Thursday, December 08, 2011

Destination weddings and cake toppers

Having a destination wedding? The hotels usually make it really easy with pre-made packages. The only problem is you can't personalize every detail like you can with a local wedding. But fear not, you can still bring your own personality to your wedding. A cake topper is a great way to do this.

You get to add a bit of your own quirkiness to an otherwise planned wedding.

Here are some tips for bringing your own topper. Talk to the person who will be creating your topper, mention it's for a destination wedding.

Choose a topper that is more compact or doesn't have little pieces that can be easily broken off, parts that stick out a lot can easily be broken. Be sure to pack it safely in a box with tissue paper and place it in the middle of your suit case with clothing around it, this will keep it safe for travel.

When you arrive at the hotel, take it out of your suit case and place it somewhere safe. Be sure to talk to your wedding coordinator about your custom topper and have her take care of it and put it on the cake for you.

All the other details are handled for you by your coordinator, so enjoy yourself!